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The Teachers in WVHS 1976

Here is the list of our teachers and what is currently know about them, if you have updates let me know.

Wayne Valley High School Teachers


Teachers in 1976  



Contact Info




John Van Dyken



The newest wing of WVHS
is named after him



Norman Harrison





Kenneth Sinofsky

Pompano Beach FL

1927 – 11/27/2003

Kenneth Sinofsky, Coach of Champions – Grid Great led Wayne Valley, East Rutherford to 5 titles.

Kenneth S. Sinofsky, a legendary football coach at Wayne Valley High School, died Thursday at his winter home in Pompano Beach FL. He led teams for 5 state titles in a coaching career that spanned more than 30 years. The gymnasium at Wayne Valley is named in his honor.

(Jon Berry, Bergen Record 11/30/2003




Robert R. Ruffing

Sea Girt NJ

D. August 1988



Charles F. Ackroyd

Warner, NH

Retired to New Hampshire



Louise Dette


D. 1996



Susan Berg




Harold Bontekoe



  Marie H. Coen   D. July 12 1925 – April 7, 1997
    Ronald Crawford   Retired July 2010
    William Figg   Married Miss Ferris, then devorced
    Maureen Kane  

still lives in Packanck.

(updated on 8/2020)


Thomas Killeen

    Linda Kruzelnick    
    Christos Pavlides    
    Rosalina Primiano    
    Thomas Regan   D. Jan 21, 1947 – Aug 15, 2007
    Charles Ringle  

Lives in Fairfield

(updated on 8/2020)

    Robert Silbernagel    
    Charles Tucker   D Sept 2016

Social Studies



David T. Wagner


D. 2005



Fred F Paul





Donald L Sweetman

Hardwick, NJ




Lucille Attenasio

Fairlawn, NJ

Retired (was once awarded Teacher of the Year by the State of NJ).



Edward J. Sorock

Fairlawn, NJ

Retired July 1989
D: August 16, 2014 @ 91


John Campbell

  December 2, 1948 – April 18, 2015
    Audrey Canonico   Moved to Florida, and may be teaching there.
    Endre Krajcsovics    
    Catherine Pagano    
    Susan Schlosser    



  Joseph Breslin    


  Linda Chambers    


  Linda DeMartino    


  Russel DeVries   Later became Principal


  Elaine Gallagher    


  John Gross   golf and ski coach, Inducted into NJSIAA Hall of Fame in 2014


  Frances Hoffman    
    Patricia Knutowitz    


  Gerald Lash    
    Georgette Lentz    
    Vicki Musetti  

Became a guidance counselor. She lives in Fair Lawn and is on FB.

(updated on 8/2020)

    Kathleen Sexton    
    Wilhelm Tell    
    Gail Unger    




Henry E. Weiss

Kinnelon, NJ

D: October 15, 2014 @ 91



Eleanor Kiersten

Jamesburg, NJ

D. 3/23/2011



Michael Pelak

Franklin Lakes, NJ

D. 8/19/2004



Charles Anderson



    Dorothy Arietta    

Elaine D’Amico

  D: 1998
    John Dantoni    
    Nicholas DeSantis   Retired: 2003
    Elizabeth Howson    
    Peter Michalowski    
    Robert Patalita  

Debi Van Dyke from our class.
They live in West Milford.

(updated on 8/2020)

    Kenneth Sabatino  

Is on Facebook and is in WVHS76 group

(updated on 8/2020)

    Salatore Saia    




Edward J, Galbierczyk


Jun 15, 1933 – Jul 31, 2015



Gay Harding


Reported deceased



Margaret B. Link (Lash)

Kinnelon, NJ



  Vincene Caporusso    
    Vicki DelGiudice    
    Ginger Ferris   Married Mr Figg, then devorced
    Meryl Lynn Lipton    
    Robert Stuherck   Died in late 1980’s
    Marilyn Mezey    

Home Economics

  photo soon   Agnes Hoerner    
  photo soon   Margaret Keutgen    
  photo soon   Elaine Dourma    



  Barbara Hughes  

divorced and is again Miss Weir
(updated 8/2020)


  Ruth Nielsssen  


    Beverly Sudol  

Now lives in Florida

(updated 8/2020)


    Gerald Tedesco
Band Director 1969-2008

Retired in 2008



Business Education



Beatrice Gersie

Medford, NJ

Location confirmed. Alive and Well.

Industrial Arts


Adrian Van Zweden

West Milford, NJ

Adrian Van Zweden taught his first class when Harry Truman was in the White House, and his most recent class this month.

The ramrod-straight 92-year-old towered over a roomful of fourth-graders at Eastern Christian Elementary School in Midland Park. He was showing them his collection of colorful rocks and minerals and his big, old magnet.

“There’s something outside this magnet — I can’t see it, I can’t touch it, but I want to prove to you it’s there,” he said, milking the suspense.

He took a copper wire spooled around an iron core and swiped it by the magnet, creating sparks that prompted a giggly chorus of awesome! and cool!
“Whoa!” Van Zweden cried. “We’re making electricity! I told you there was something there!”

Twenty-seven years after retiring as the Wayne schools’ director of career and occupational education, Van Zweden is still at it. And he still has it (NJ Record)

Died Nov 2018 at age 99!


photo soon  

John P. Young





Joseph E. Gadjo

Hawthorne, NJ




Richard Klas

Mahwah, NJ




Robert G. Breitinger

Lincoln Park, NJ




Charles Carter


Retired (did missionary work in South America). Lives in Tennessee.

(updated on 8/2020)

    Thomas Hudak  

Is on Facebook

(updated on 8/2020)

    Robert LaGrutta    
    Mary Last    
    Eugene Manfra  

Retired in 2001 after 31 years

1942 – 2017


  photo soon   William Meyer    
  photo soon   Theodore Walser    

Physical Education



Sandra M Paulison (Singer)

Pompton Lakes, NJ

Location confirmed


Photo Soon zubererernienow

Ernest Zuberer Jr.

Tampa FL


    Deborah Brennan    
  Photo Soon   Lewis Benfatti    
    Christine Barnish    
  Photo Soon   Steven Birchler    
  Photo Soon   Robert Bishop    
  Photo Soon   Albert Demorest    
    Fred Large    
    Joann Mosley    
    Margaret Muir    
    Susan Truncellito    
    Joseph Williams   reported deceased




Luella J. Kemble

Lake Arial, PA

D. 3/1/2001



John Evangelista




  Bjorn Krause


D 2012

    Barbra Martinka    
    John Moros    
    Donald Turner    
    Loius Volpe  

Retired 20+ years ago and moved to Florida and later moved with his wife to Lawrence Kansas 4 years ago to near their daughter. (His wife died last year)

(updated on 8/2020)

Resource Program



James Cody


Now lives in Florida

(updated 8/2020)

Mrs. Sadollah runs her own business and is on FB.
Mr. Kistner
Mr. Merkel
Mrs. Lipari, the Librarian